Friday, May 28, 2010

Clubberia Podcast: CB 028 - Marko Fuerstenberg

Clubberia Podcast: CB 028 - Marko Fuerstenberg

Marko Fuerstenberg (Baum / Echochord / Ornaments / artless)

Fuerstenberg Marko was born in Thuringia, Germany in 1976 Depeche Mode and A-ha, New Order 80's influenced music and other. Dolby then filming the tape under the name of the music produced. In 1995, X-trax, Force inc., Klang, Basic Channel influenced to do with making music labels such. In 2000, friends and local Vertikal 23 Downbeat and Trip hop under the name of a project to start. Netlabel delivering music in the process met on the net Thinner, Dilby published in 2002 under the name of the track, then also Realaudio, Stadtgruen, Instabil net-label and released from the track, Digitalverein, Rktic, Lod, Goldfarb and provide a remix from label.
Between 2003 to 2005 will be booked in major clubs and festivals around the world. In 2003 Surphase the track name and track 』[Thinner Allstars pt.1 was announced as included in vinyl development. Shortly thereafter the name Marko Fuerstenberg music career switch. Moved to Leipzig in 2006, artless, Tfe, Rotaly Cocktail, Ornaments, Baum Records, Echocord Colour labels continue to release, including his own live tech house intertwine the elements of classic and new Dabutekuno has attracted fans da probe will speak Diputekuno essential artist.

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