Monday, May 3, 2010

[EXP-21] Diego Bernal - Besides​.​.​.​

Diego Bernal - Besides​.​.​.​
Label: Exponential
Catalog: EXP-21
Released: 27 April 2010
Genre: Electronic, Hip Hop
Style: Instrumental, Hip Hop, Experimental

Civil rights crimefighter by day and beat producer by night, Diego Bernal, returns with "Besides..." his follow up album to 2009's successful, For Corners. On the album, Bernal sifts through untapped and long forgotten South Texas crates to create a musical ode to the classic era of hip hop. With "Besides..." we see a more straight foward take on hip hop but the production has matured and the beats have grown more into full songs. This release is available as a very limited edition blue 7" 45 vinyl with "A Long Second" and "Blue Neon". The vinyl also includes a download card for all songs in any format including high MP3 or lossless FLAC.

 1. Intro - All You Can Do (Parts 1 & 2) 03:14
2. Lunch Money (Brown Paper Box) 02:39
3. Blue Neon 02:50
4. A Long Second 05:15
5. e.g., (for example) 02:50
6. 2nd Degreed Bern 01:05
7. Clear Lifts 03:00
8. West Quad Lottery 00:46
9. El Corrido de Chico B 03:36
10. Cumbiatches Brew 03:39
11. Outro- Card on a Loss (All I Did) 02:24

<a href="">01 Intro - All You Can Do (Parts 1 &amp; 2) by Exponential Records</a>

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