Sunday, May 2, 2010

rec72[32] Pandacetamol - Shiver Me Timbres

Pandacetamol - Shiver Me Timbres
Label: Rec72
Catalog#: rec72[32]
Format: File, MP3, Album
Released: 01 May 2010
Genre: Electronic
Style: IDM, Ambient, Experimental

Shiver Me Timbres by Pandacetamol is a pure manifesto of sophisticated Electronica that sounds like Scottish pioneering electronic music from the 1990’s beamed up to the present time. The current Pandacetamol album delivers 50 minutes of gloomy downtempo doodlings, where The Black Dog goes snoopy and Plaid the cat is jumping on a hot tin roof.
The majority of Pandacetamol tracks are recorded in one take and then edited and polished as required.  They wholeheartedly believe that this method of capturing the musical “moments” as they happen when a jam is in process is an essential component in conjuring electronic music that has an organic atmosphere and emotional edge.  Dark but filled with hope, hypnotic but constantly morphing, opulent but sinister, their tracks are bite-sized journeys which together make up a full tasty meal of sound.  Each of their EPs and albums are carefully composed to be enjoyed as a whole.

1. Drop your cutlass
2. Orchid
3. Alarm at eleven
4. Gambon
5. The Jolly Roger
6. Chips that pass in the night
7. Treasure map
8. Countered with Calm
9. Circumnavigation
10. Dove in an elevator

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