Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Allez-Allez Podcast - Solvent

Allez-Allez  Podcast - Solvent

we're very chuffed this week to have a mix by electro-pop traveller solvent.

jason amm, to use his given name, has been releasing under the solvent moniker since 1997. born in zimbabwe but now resident in toronto amm is an analogue synth warrior who weds complex arrangements to hands on synthesis and mixes in into his unique melodic pot to create electro-pop gems.

he has recently resurfaced on ghostly international with his fifth album, 'subject to shift' which continues a high quality run begun back in 1998 on his own label suction records - the shift refers to solvents emphasis on the more the rough edger tones of acid and industrial for this long player. you can pick it up here. this mix he has put together is made up of the work of fellow synth purveyors old and new. its one to enjoy again and again.

1. Mark Van Hoen - 1979
2. Deastro - Kurgen Wave Number One (Solvent Remix)
3. Colin Potter - In The Hall
4. Adult. - Women's Work
5. Dolina - Corridors
6. Echo West - In Pop We Trust
7. Velodrome - Capataz
8. Tyree - Night Of Acid
9. Ace Of Clubs - Ecid
10. Gak - Gak 3
11. Crash Course In Science - Cardboard Lamb
12. Laurent Boudic - E=mc2
13. Lowfish - Your Last Legs
14. Beta Evers - Real Touch
15. D'Marc Cantu - Another Number
16. Hauntologists - Ep2 A1
17. Solvent - Caught A Glimpse
18. Atom TM - Weißes Rauschen (Erster Teil)

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