Wednesday, June 9, 2010

[bleepsequence.005] Various - Architextures Rebuilt

Various - Architextures Rebuilt
Label: Bleepsequence
Catalog#: bleepsequence.005
Format: 11 x File, MP3, 320
11 x File, FLAC
Country: US
Released: 06 Jun 2010
Genre: Electronic
Style: Tech House, Abstract, Techno, Minimal, Experimental
Credits: Artwork By - Ty Dunitz

As you may know, our first compilation was crafted with shared audio tools manipulated into new forms, and also included an open invitation to download the original source material for analysis and response from our listenership. With open arms and mind we were excited at the possibilty to network and collaborate with more like minded artists, and you'll find some intriguing reinterpretations from faces new and familiar.

Another very special part of this release was the chance to enlist the visual artistry of Ty Dunitz. He was also kind enough to give us some insight on his contribution...

Revy asked me to say a few words about the artwork for Architextures Rebuilt, and frankly, I’m not in the business of making him softly weep himself to sleep at night, so here goes:

Enamoured with my promotional work with Gaijin Games for Bit.Trip Runner, I was dinged by Revy – or maybe I dinged him, something like that – to produce the cover artwork for an upcoming project. After an enthusiastic high five and a few weeks of awkward silence, that project was identified as Architextures Rebuilt. Obviously, the result is the image you see before you.

The concept of this image was initially supposed to be a ‘remix’ of the first Architextures cover, in keeping with the progressive theme of the project. A great idea, and I was all for it. As the image developed, though, it evolved beyond a simple remix, becoming an ever-looser interpretation of Revy’s… I dunno, digi-sphere? Whatever you wanna call that.

So what is this? My work generally tends to speak about entropy, about the obsolescence and inevitable erosion of all things. At least, that would seem to explain all the disintegrating naked people. Ironically, this image is about appropriation and subsequent recreation; the adoption and expansion of an idea. From the looks of it, such adoption and expansion is achieved by meditating naked in a foggy void. I dunno about you, but that’s how I get inspired. As mentioned, the sphere is supposed to be Revy’s original Architextures sphere, but as the piece progressed, I was going more for cursory resemblance than anything. Whatever. A bit of disintegration remains in the piece as a sort of Memento mori, I suppose – a reminder that as proud as we are of what we’ve achieved with this release and this moment, we will always inevitably move on and grow to new ideas and perspectives. Death is the only constant. One day, decades from now, we’re all gonna look back and laugh and think this album totally sucks, guys. Just you wait.

Anyway, hope you all enjoy getting a sweet eyeful every time you punch iTunes in the crotch with Architextures Rebuilt!

  1. Jay Phonic - Bleep you very much
  2. Jay Phonic - Unbleeped Symphony
  3. Freakle - modpeel_b
  4. So - Hide 'n Seek
  5. Ingemar Stalholm - Bleepydeepseq
  6. Grinch - Cochlea Static
  7. Grinch - The Revolution Will Not Be Swift
  8. Chris Firenze - Stroke
  9. Chris Firenze - Sequence 2
  10. Chris Firenze - Sequence 3
  11. Revy - Shifting Drift

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