Saturday, June 12, 2010

[Dubbhism 024] D.E.A.D. - Sonic System

D.E.A.D. - Sonic System
Label: Dubbhism
CAT#: Dubbhism024
Released: : 11 June 2010
Format: MP3/128kbps (for MP3/320kbps see hi res file info)
Genre: : Electronic
Stlye: Abstract, Dub, Glitch, IDM, Experimental

@Dubbhism proudly presents the album 'Sonic System' by D.E.A.D. This is music for dubbhists, electronica lovers and synth-geeks.

Technical note: all sounds you are about to hear were made with a big bad transgenic monster synth that was programmed using ratios, algorithms, recipes and dirty tricks known only to those initiated in the ancient sacred rites of musical geometry, OK?

And by the way 'Sonic System' is probably the most DJ-friendly Dubbhism release yet. Not only are all tracks strictly 70/140 BPM (no mixing skills required) but they are also mixed EXTREMELY LOUD because LOUDER is BETTER. Some tunes are up to a whole fuzz louder than your average commercial dubstep or electronica release. The message is clear: Dubbhism may be a small diy label but we're NOT STUPID!! If you can't join em beat em!!

File under: Transgenic Higher Dub Organisms, Electronic Dub, Frankenstein Dub, E-IDM (Extremely Intelligent Dub Music)

D.E.A.D. - Sonic System (Dubbhism release) by DUBBHISM

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