Monday, June 21, 2010

Fer Mercadal - Album Songs

Musician and producer from Villa María city, Argentina. Release his first album in 1999, exploring the hidden sonorous universe inside his personal computer. Through the years has seeking to combine these sounds with traditional instruments, traveling in different musical styles, textures and structures.

Songs included in his last studio record "Mudo" (Basura! netlabel, 2007) walk through different states of mind and based on processed guitars and electronic sounds, generated by the computer and the sampler, intend to leave a clear message, still in the absence of words.

In 2009, from the consolidation of Basura! discos netlabel, his platform of releasing since the beginnings, send a worldwide invitation and release "Recycled Music: Around the world on a trash truck!" in which more than 30 artists from diferent countries around the world, used trash sounds in their music to send a message.

At the end of 2009 release 3 simple/ split albums, sharing and exchanging remixes with artists from other latitudes, like Oscar Herrera from Costa Rica and Suzuka from Japan.

During the first half of 2010 begins to record his new album. One of the songs, call "Dan" it's pre-release as single, including a remix by Ryu.Karate (Ryusuke Ikeda from Japan + Pablo Fontana from Spain) Also colaborate in "Eat" single, from japanese artist Ryu, producing a remix of the song.

album songs by Fer Mercadal


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