Saturday, June 19, 2010

[Lav 35] Various - Late Night Broadcast

Various - Late Night Broadcast
Label: Laverna
Catalog#: Lav35
Format: 21 x File, MP3
Country: Italy
Released: 15 Jun 2010
Genre: Electronic
Style: Ambient, Experimental

The Ceremony of listening is something accorded to a few.
It is not for many to know how to caress the dim light that comes in through the tiny window which discloses the way to follow among thousands of paths marked by letters and numbers, only a few succeed in synchronize their own vibrating with that strange creature made of ethereal emission, again only a few can perceive that whispering sigh that turns into melodious singing as long as the night climbs up to the notes:
one after the other slow and easy until the black mantle hang out between the sky and the earth can shield the early sun rays.
We craved for the deepest night hearing stories of dreams turned into sounds and we finally entered as by a magic spell, into an different universe, a galaxy shaped with twenty one sound planets wrapped in a compilation wholly devoted to the slow going of the night and its silences.
Late Night Broadcast, the new compilation of Laverna netlabel is a succession of styles that rise from the same ambient source and evolve in relation to the pure feeling of the artist completely devoted to your imagination.
This is a late night emission, this is the new Laverna Compilation.
The sound be with you!

Mirco Salvadori
translated by Simona Taffurelli
1. [03:21] the infant t(h)ree - overture
2. [04:30] massimo berizzi - something about the light
3. [03:52] gigi masin - half
4. [03:52] mono-drone - who be kind to
5. [07:00] stefano guzzetti - the safest place
6. [04:13] molven - life in pause (version)
7. [06:24] masin-coniglio - orange devotion
8. [02:44] vain foam - es war 1 mal
9. [09:10] emanuele errante - cradle song
10. [04:48] enrico coniglio - glaciers are coming closer
11. [06:22] shuttle service - then the machine stops and we let him in
12. [05:37] sentimental machines - for a perfect disguise
13. [07:30] LLS04 - b-lesson
14. [03:03] b-cycle - inside outside
15. [03:12] monosonik - on the fluid (perflubron mix)
16. [03:20] haloXVI - ghost sonata
17. [05:02] fausto degada - the water memory
18. [05:25] giulio escalona ft. IDGA - 3i
19. [03:15] sepia hours - air parcel
20. [02:32] manuel posadas - interior gardens for the waterland
21. [06:00] zenial - pobrz ash

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