Thursday, June 3, 2010

Learning Music - LMM 3.2 - Neapolitan Shake

Learning Music - LMM 3.2 - Neapolitan Shake
Label: Community Pool Tapes, Learning Music
Catalog#: cpt027
Format: CDr, Album, MP3 320 kbps
Country: US
Released: June 2010
Genre: Electronic, Pop, Rock
Style: Pop, Experimental
all songs written and recorded by John Wood, April 2010
artwork by Sharon Gong :: flickr

Here are three EP-length suites. The Big Sell EP is music written to accompany imaginary television commercials. The lyrical themes are derived from the three song topics supposedly most requested by advertisers looking for songs to place in commercials: "Thinking Ahead," "Brand New Day," and "Things Are Getting Better."

The three pieces that make up The Way of A. O. K. each conceptually combine a sound found in modern life (an ATM, a turn signal, a baseball stadium) with a short quote from Lao Tzu's Toa Te Ching. The keyboard sounds are meditations recorded at half speed, giving upon (faster) playback a broader perspective of their combined revelations. This music is unashamedly inspired by the sounds of Terry Riley's Rainbow in Curved Air.

The Ghost Transferences are stream of consciousness pop rants sung in part by channelled spirits, addressing topics of identity crisis and the random hauntings of modern memory.

Thanks for listening. Love, jw 

• Walk Like You're Brand New • mp3
• It'll Work This Time • mp3
• Your Lucky Day • mp3
• Don't Worry • mp3
•• Great Eloquence Seems Awkward (at the ATM) • mp3
•• Influential Yet Important Cannot Endure (a left turn) • mp3
•• When Good Is Abstracted (at the game) • mp3
••• Allegiances • mp3
••• Ghost Transference • mp3
••• Little Conversation • mp3
••• A Brief Aside • mp3

• The Big Sell EP
•• The Way of A.O.K.
••• Ghost Transference

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