Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Body Lyre - Escape Songs

The Body Lyre  - Escape Songs
Released: 2010
Rhydian W. Thomas - vocals, guitars, bass, percussion, brass, electronics
Ana McGowan - vocals, cello, accordion
Tim Shann - bass

Escape Songs is a year-long album, with one track released on the last day of every month. At the end of 2010, all twelve tracks will be released on vinyl LP. There will also be four limited edition books of photography/writing available during the year.

1. Escape Song 05:12
2. Chainsmoker 04:02
3. Daughter 05:22
4. Pig 04:07
5. The Shelter 06:17
6. Leaves of Grass 02:49

<a href="">Escape Song by The Body Lyre</a>

FREE Download Here
This is the free download for Escape Songs (2010) - you can download any and all of the monthly singles available to date. Files available in whatever form you like.
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