Saturday, July 31, 2010

[DN 021] Christoph Schindling - Life

Christoph Schindling - Life
Label: Dreiton
Catalog#: DN021
Format: 9 x File, MP3, EP, 320 kbps
Country: Germany
Released: 12 Jul 2010
Genre: Electronic
Style: Minimal, Glitch,  IDM, Ambient Experimental
mastered by : master_klirr
Artwork-Cover: :: pixelstation ::

Surely only a few words are necessary to introduce Christoph Schindling. In the past Christoph presented his characteristic style between IDM and dubtechno on a large amount of EP´s on labels such as „sulamuse, eintakt, cifm, deepindub, tropic, schall, kubism“.
Now he’s launched his next album following 2007. It is a very personal album shaped by many different situations in life and moods which arose from these situations in the past years.

His tracks are foregrounded by a tight fabric woven with wide atmospheric sounds, subtle beats and floating chords, somewhat more bizarre and abstract than we are accustomed to from Christoph. But that is exactly what makes this album exceptional: tracks that may begin a little rougher and refracted and gradually release their melancholy und lightness. By then we find ourselves in Christoph Schindling’s wonderful weightless cosmos of sound. Let yourself drift away…

Frank Hellmond

1. never_look_behind 08:36 | MP3
2. my last resort 07:16 | MP3
3. still alive 06:42 | MP3
4. Without your love this will get really hard 06:32 | MP3

5. I get lost 07 :14 | MP3
6. Drifting into an endless ocean 06:47 | MP3
7. hearts 12:05 | MP3
8. Dreaming wide awake 07:39 | MP3
9. After life before life 14:31 | MP3

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