Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Anton Zap - Common Cause Podcast 30

Anton Zap - Common Cause Podcast 30

In august 2010 the man that doesn't like to show his face did a sweet mix for all of you out there. he is better known as Anton Zap and is not only a marvelous artist, but also an incredibly modest and nice guy from moscow. this man has created some unique soundscapes on "underground quality", "uzuri" and of course his very own label "ethereal sound".

1. ? - Dionne Remix [Terpsiton Muzik]
2. DJ Spider - Antikythera Mechanism [Plan B]
3. ? - Miru
4. Jitterbug - Thanks Spencer [Uzuri]
5. Catalepsia - Green Wing [Area Nudge Nudge]
6. Venedikt Reif - Same Old Game
7. Black Jazz Consortium - Exploring Your Sweetness [Soul People]

cc #30 (by anton zap) by simon strotmann

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