Saturday, August 28, 2010

Brice Dreessen - Mind Confusion

Brice Dreessen - Mind Confusion

Only vinyl with love.
On a crappy national day afternoon, I took my lovely records, opened a bier and made this mix. Back to the roots. Dark, trippy, hypnotic and industrial at the end. A little touch of true electro sometimes. Precisely what I love during the night. Some little mistakes, but I prefer stay on vinyl and making mistakes... Fortunately this is pretty light ;)

1. Ø - Kuvio [Sähkö]
2. Michaelangelo - Shapeshifter [Labrynth]
3. Rutherford - Cabinfever Relief [Kondi]
4. James Ruskin - Sabre [Blueprint]
5. Tobias Von Hofsten - Fuktish [Fukt]
6. Silent Servant (Regis Edit) [Sandwell District]
7. Savas Pascalidis & Joel Alter - Sirens [Sweatshop]
8. Oni Ayhun - 004A [OAR]
9. Mike Parker - Substratum [Orange Groove]
10. Dino Sabatini - Ceto [Prologue]
11. Ancient Methods VS Adam X - Proarrhythmia (Adam X mix) [Sonic Groove]
12. Hieroglyphic Being - Washing Ur Ass [Mathematics]
13. Dos Mas - Mentiroso [Frustrated Funk]
14. Marcel Fengler - Thwack [Mote Evolver]
15. Radial - Deja Vu [Token]
16. Regis/Female - C1 [Downwards]
17. The Cure - A forest [Polydor]

Brice Dreessen - Mind Confusion by brice.dreessen
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