Wednesday, September 1, 2010

[CML 002] Logreybeam - Rem.Rem and Remixes

Logreybeam  - Rem.Rem
Label: Camomille Netlabel
Cat#: CML 002, CML 002b
Format: 18 x File, MP3, FLAC...
Released: 31 Aug 2010
Genre: Electronic
Style: Ambient, IDM, Experimental
Artwork, photography and music by Logreybeam
Mastered by Shawn Hatfield @ Audible Oddities

Our third release has been on the tip of our tongue for a while now. We're very excited, honered and flustered to present a longtime favorite artists of ours, Logreybeam's newly remastered rerelease of ' It's all just another aspect of mannerism ' put out by Type back in 2004. Since then, the album has been an exemplary study of experimental electronic music.

Much to the flavor of logreybeam's album and his time with Yasume, we also present you 9 remixes from artists just as influential to us : sense, proswell, proem, bot23, setzer, evac, podgrinder, ilkae and craque. While listening to these remixes might overwhelm us enough to shed a tear for the deceased m3rck imprint, the creeping, crackling, ticking tinkering of these tracks warm our hearts and our vocal chords scream ' IDM is not dead ! '.

1. premonition 03:07
2. aspect of mannerism 05:46
3. opiate of the masses 03:56
4. post'du mortem 03:16
5. muado 03:14
6. beetelguise 03:40
7. preyWithMe 02:26
8. somnus:sleep 07:58
9. untitled 05:19
10. evac's false premonition 04:59

11. aspect of mannerism (setzer remix) 03:50
12. opiate of the masses (podgrinder remix) 04:16
13. post'du mortem (proswell's little green bag mix) 09:16
14. muado (sense remix) 06:11
15. beetelguise (Craque Orion Conjecture) 05:08
16. preyWithMe (b0t23 mix) 04:35
17. somnus:sleep (ilkae remix) 06:50
18. untitled - (proem remix) 03:24

<a href="">premonition by logreybeam</a>

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