Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hydrophonics - Hydrophonics Vol. 3

Hydrophonics - Hydrophonics Vol. 3
Genre: Electronic, Hip Hop
Style: Instrumental
Released: 25 August 2010

The third installment of a weekly mixtape series featuring seven new beats by Hydrophonics.
Credits: All arrangement, chopping, tweaking and freaking of sounds by Evan Morris (Hydrophonics). Much thanks to the artists who gave us this great music in the first place. All beats played live on an Akai MPD24

1. Montara 03:03
2. Owl on Chevy 01:16
3. Bounce 00:48
4. Ma Dukes 03:23
5. Maui Waui 01:49
6. Protein Shake 03:14
7. Cuban Crisis 01:28

<a href="">Montara by Hydrophonics</a>

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