Saturday, December 11, 2010

Bleep43: Podcast 190 - Heinrich Dressel

Bleep43: Podcast 190 - Heinrich Dressel

This week Minimal Rome label boss Valerio Lombardozzi joins us for a 45 minute journey with his Heinrich Dressel pseudonym. It’s full of some tracks from his 3 albums and some new, unreleased material. Made on an Elka Synthex, this is atmospheric, brooding synthesizer work that in my opinion is the best of all the horror/scifi soundtrack music that has come out in the last couple of years. Sit back, enjoy the ride and check out the latest HD on Minimal Rome as well.

Back to Ripa Grande (Strange Life Records 035)
Stillness on the bottom of the river (Strange Life Records 035)
Untitled (upcoming on Cyber Dance Records)
The living dead Via Crucis (upcoming on Crème Org.)
Bodoni 1977 (MinimalRome 018)
Assalto a Campo Boario (MinimalRome 018)
Escape from the Hill (MinimalRome 011)
Vicolo Cieco (MinimalRome 018)
Vicolo Cieco - Legowelt remix (MinimalRome 018)
Retaliation (MinimalRome 018 cd version)
Waiting for the next plague (MinimalRome 018 cd version)

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