Saturday, January 15, 2011

[FRET 004] Various - Come On Lets Go

Various - Come On Lets Go
Label: Svetlana Industries   @SvetlanaHQ
Catalog#: FRET004
Format: File, Compilation
Country: UK
Released: 22 Sep 2010
Genre: Electronic, Hip Hop
Style: Bass Music, Dubstep, Abstract, Hip Hop, Wonky, Beats, Experimental
Notes: Mastered at the Thunderdome.
Picture by Pull My Daisy.
Design by Nous Sommes Des Soleils.

This is a sampler from the Svetlana Industries record label. It has been at least six months in the making. It’s always our intention to move fast and somehow we don’t manage it. Somehow getting things done correctly takes time. We feel that it’s worth it.

The record was originally to be called Custom House Boogie. It was dedicated to the customs officials at the Serbian border who blocked the test pressings of our first record for a number of months.

When we finally told them to forget it and send them back to London they took another number of months to get sent back, apparently because there was “no room on the truck”. So that was a negative time, like something from the ‘80s, a Cold War feeling, isolation. Joy Division remains popular round here.

But to be honest that’s not how we feel on the whole. Since then we learned to live like Chinese dissidents and to bypass red tape and slip through borders and finally got SVET001 out in February of this year things have moved quickly and the world has started to peel open like an artichoke, leaf by leaf, layer by layer.

The artists on this collection are all people who we have released records by or have records in the pipeline by, apart from Prohor who emerged randomly from the ether and we look forward to hearing more of his stuff when we can somehow reconnect with him.

1 Demokracy - Starhaven
2 Prohor - Eye 1
3 Parallel Concept & KOCMOC - 5th Titan
4 Prohor - Eye 2
5 1000names* - Roket Loop '94
6 Prohor - Eyebrow Divide
7 8Bitch - In The Moog For Love
8 Prohor - Nose
9 Antstar - Thing Ten
10 Polyklinik - Blurred Photographs
11 Prohor - Mouth
12 Filtercutter - Den Piece
13 Prohor - Chin
14 Piece Of Shh... - Desert Island
15 Prohor - Underchin
16 Jackhigh - Turbines
17 Josip Klobučar - Two And A Half Spoons Of Sugar Please
18 Prohor - The Long And Slender Neck
19 Teebs - Everyone Alive Wants Answers

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