Saturday, February 19, 2011

FACT mix 222: Urban Tribe

FACT mix 222 is by DJ Stingray in his Urban Tribe guise.

Station Bass - Orignal Mix 2 [Hydraulic]
Hell + Jonzon - Bazetoya [Disko B]
Silicon Scally - Proteus [Firewire]
Condition Red - The Safety Is Off [Underground Resistance]
The Advent - Wasper [Kombination Research]
Frustrated Figures - Elastic [Clone]
Matt Carter - Explode [Firewire]
Robert Hood - Ride [Minimal Nation]
Tactical Systems - Phased Energy Rectification [Roulette Rekordz]
Scape One - Omegatropic [Temple Dog]
Decal - Freekin Empires [Rotters Golf Club]
Time Trap Teknik - Future Cities [Ecko Unlimited / Kombination Research]
E8 - Clone Records
Double Dutch - Launch Detected [Marguerita]
Marco Bernardi - Morpheusis [Frustrated Funk]
Iilektrolab - Real Pimp Satamile
D.I.E. - Let Yo Body Rock [Map]
DJ Lhoie - Sublimental [Subject Detroit]
Marco Bernardi - Preacher Teacher [Frustrated Funk]
Silicon - Sonic Distress [Frustrated Funk]
Venomous - The Toxin [Underground Resistance]
3 Phase Feat. Dr Motte - Der Klang Familie [Nova Mute]
Bileebob - Call Me [Underground Resistance]
Silicon - Electron Push [Nsc]
Drexciya - Danger Bay [Underground Resistance]

FACT mix 222 - Urban Tribe (Feb '11) by factmag

Direct download: FACT mix 222 – Urban Tribe
(Available for three weeks)
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