Sunday, February 13, 2011

USQ Mix I 013 I Mathias Woot

USQ Mix I 013 I Mathias Woot

Mathias Woot was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1988. Early on influenced by 70´s Psychedelic Rock and 80´s Post Punk, when he started his DJ career at the age of 18 he also fell under the influence of Detroit Techno and western european 70´s Minimalist stream. Due to his interest in these genres and his desire to grow as an artist he was led to meet and find comradery with various well-known DJs of the techno scene in Argentina such as Jonas Kopp, Franco Cinelli, Bodeler, and Udolph.
From dub, techno, and house, we can find in his sets a sense of various genre comprehension and appreciation, making for a distinct audible experience.
Currently he is developing his label "Krill" with Espen Lauritzen, and also several projects with other artists. He is also in charge of programming and production of an online Livecast show at Cocoliche Radio, which has been very helpful to up and coming DJs in the techno scene in Argentina.

USQ Mix I 013 I Mathias Woot by mathiaswoot

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