Friday, April 1, 2011

Tommy Four Seven - CLR Podcast 108

Tommy Four Seven - CLR Podcast 108

British born, Berlin based DJ, producer and sound designer Tommy Four Seven, or known to some as just T47, is at the front of the new generation of Techno artists, creating his trademark deep and uncompromising sounds. Learning to DJ from a young age, at 17, Tommy held a 2 year residency at Fire Club, London whilst appearing at legendary venues such as Fabric, The End and Turnmills. Producing was also an early interest and Tommy soon began releasing on David Duriez's, Brique Rouge and Kill Brique label, before launching his own imprint called Shooting Elvis. After studying Music Technology in London, Tommy moved to Berlin and has been steadily building his catalogue of strong, moody and hypnotic tracks such as his 2009 hit, 'Surma' on Speedy J’s Electric Deluxe and more recently, 'Sor' on CLR, not forgetting the before mysterious 'Bauhaus' project with Chris Liebing. Tommy’s approach to music is unlike a musician. Instead, he prefers to sound design, recording and sculpting elements into deep engaging atmospheres. An impressive example of this extraordinary production ethos is his upcoming debut artist album “Primate”. It will be released on CLR in March 2011, which looks set to be his landmark year.

1. Damien Schneider / Birth
2. Perc & Metalogic / M Cargo [Jonas Kopp Remix]
3. Marc Romboy vs Stephan Bodzin / Puck [Chris Liebing Remix]
4. Sigha / Politics of Dying
5. O/V/R / Post-Traumatic Son [Marcel Dettmann MDR version]
6. Subjected / 005.3
7. Cosmin TRG / Izolat
8. Darko Esser / Clean Slate [Lucy Remix]
9. Planetary Assault Systems / Raid
10. Xhin / Arrival [Lucy Twofold Remix]
11. Subjected / 005.7 [Reduced Tool]
12. Tommy Four Seven / Ratu
13. Emptyset / Altogether Lost [Chris Liebing Remix]
14. Perc / Wooden Art [Modern Heads Jumplex Remix]
15. Death Abyss / Conformity Is Suicide
16. Tommy Four Seven / G [Regis Remix]

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