Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sound Designers Podcast #20 - May mixed by Paz

Podcast #20 SoundDesigners May mixed by Paz
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Hello everybody,
How was this April for you? Nice? I hope so ... in May and has many positive things ... summer is coming and that means we have a few surprises ... that good ... Summer means freedom, means hotness, beach, pool, dinner, more new people, more excitement for chat, go to new places ... a lot!
Enjoy these gifts of life!
This May, we invite Paz, a sweet girl from Rosário,Argentina, which has feeling to pick the beat. She really likes things old school. This type of house construction and sounds that sound like in 90's, when the House was so well received and welcomed in the clubs. In times where Kenny Dixon Jr., Rick Wilhite, Theo Parrish and Marcellus Pittman already invaded us with his musical uniqueness, but also foreign to many and really futuristic on the kind of improvements showed the true spirit of Detroit House deep well in the days that today seems reappears as mainstream or on the dance floor and reasserts itself with a layer more suitable for secondary level aesthetic sound technological development. Anyway ... more like a house of other recent old-school and still others of both ... what makes you think and agree that the world of music in this case electronically is go infinitive.
Well .. if so I'll leave you with the beat in these sweet words of Paz and true that it conveys: woman is a symbol of beauty as the music and these two combinations represent a synergy of sensuality and energy in the dancing floor. it's because of it that she's the new relating one inside the house music and one of the young promises of the electronic music in argentina. little by little, she is giving his fruits, overcoming day after day the barrier that it divides to the sexs in the turntables.
Well...big up for you guys and ENJOY!! feed the soul

leif #FOF013 (two armadillos remix)
gadi mizrahi #SPC88
mood II swing #PND05
catz 'n dogz feat. pol on #GPM116
newworldaquarium #APE02 (redshape remix)
terre thaemlitz #MULE045 (kink & neville watson remix)
oni ayhun #OAR003
wireman #PN07 (move-d remix)
ogris debris #EST012
yasuo sato #3RDWMLP009
steadycam #KOMPAKT2-25

Podcast #20 SoundDesigners May mixed by Paz by SoundDesigners

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