Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Ochre - Early Learning

Ochre - Early Learning
Released: 01 Aug 2011

A collection of early recordings from the pre-'Midsummer' era (2001-2003), professionally remastered and assembled in July 2011.

The earliest material on the album, such as 'Low Grav Freefall', 'Children Playing with Lego' and 'Lachryma', have been completely remixed using the original Cubase project files, for the highest possible audio fidelity.
All music written and produced by Christopher Leary, except 'Zelda rmx', written by Koji Kondo.
Artwork by Nathaniel Reeves (
Mastering by Chris McCormack at Blacklisted Mastering
'Esign' music video created by Chris Larkee

Full album download includes two extra bonus tracks: 'Bipolar Bears', plus the award-winning 'Zelda rmx'.
Also included is the video for 'Esign', created by Chris Larkee, encoded in 720p H.264/MPEG-4.
Please note: the FLAC edition is encoded at 24-bit, surpassing CD-quality audio. This is a lossless audiophile format, and can be used to transcode to other formats with absolutely no loss of audio fidelity.

1. Low Grav Freefall 06:42
2. Advanced Tree Surgery 05:28
3. Children Playing with Lego 04:51
4. Picobits 05:08
5. A Distant Retreat 06:17
6. Playsoft 04:44
7. Mobile Foes 04:36
8. Ourcade 05:21
9. Lachryma 05:26
10. Time For The Gallery 04:52
11. Seeing Everything from the Wrong Angle 07:50
12. Esign 03:58

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