Friday, November 4, 2011

RA: Label of the month: 50 Weapons

RA: Label of the month: 50 Weapons

No other artist typifies the wide-open playing field that electronic music has become in recent years better than Modeselektor. A bold claim, surely, but one that comes backed with plenty of evidence now that they have left the BPitch mothership and begun to literally put their money where their taste is with two record labels, Monkeytown and 50 Weapons.

The duo have released dubstep, techno, house, electro and whatever you want to call Anstam to the wider world. Many are artists that have already made a name elsewhere. (Their 50 Weapons of Choice compilation last year seemed liked a cherry-picking of the latest and greatest of bass music.) But just as many aren't. The aforementioned Anstam, Phon.o and Benjamin Damage & Doc Daneeka are hardly household names, even in homes that count post-dubstep blogs as essential reading. Those three have albums on the way (with Anstam's released just last week) on 50 Weapons. So does Addison Groove, at the end of March 2012.

All of the above are reasons why 50 Weapons is one of the most vital imprints around at the moment. But there are plenty more. To gain an insight into what makes the imprint so special, we caught up with the family to ask them to explain 50 Weapons and its appeal. (More...)

This month's label showcase is from Phon.o, one of the many artists that make up the 50 Weapons imprint family. He takes us on an assured ride through the label's catalogue with frequent stops in Monkeytown (and other imprints) along the way.

Anstam - Watching The Ships Go Down - 50 Weapons
Dark Sky - The Lick - 50 Weapons
SBTRKT - Right Thing To Do - Young Turks
Benjamin Damage - Zeppelin – 50 Weapons
Modeselektor - German Clap - Monkeytown
Cosmin TRG - Izolat - 50 Weapons
Benjamin Damage / Doc Daneeka - Creeper - 50 Weapons
CDBL - I Need You (Kidnap Kid Remix) - Squelch & Clap
Phon.o - Abbey Road - 50 Weapons
Instra:mental - 8 - Nonplus
Littlefoot - Great Dark Spot - Well Rounded
Dark Sky - Neon - 50 Weapons
Mosca - Bax - Numbers
Modeselektor - Art & Cash (Phon.o Remix) - 50 Weapons
Modeselektor - Blue Clouds (Loop) - Monkeytown
Anstam - In the Bull Run - 50 Weapons
Modeselektor - Blue Clouds - Monkeytown

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