Sunday, December 25, 2011

Deepchord - Kana Broadcast 022

Deepchord - Kana Broadcast 022

"We’ve always found a sort of comfort in confiding in electronic assassins and the silent requiems that are a result of their pursuits, perhaps none more so than our broadcast host this week. The birth of his path dates back to the vibrant cultural paroxysm that was Detroit in the mid to late 80′s which choreographed a timeless blueprint thats true soul is easily recognisable in any performance or release that’s made its way from his world.

Now even though he’s confessed that much of that segment in his life has been pseudo-erased, unintentionally or otherwise, it delivered the infrastructure that supported the exposure for ‘The Autonomous Music Project’, sub explorations with Echospace/CV313 and one of the standout records of 2011 ‘Hash-Bar Loops’ on Soma – that’s all without even grasping the  alias’ and back catalogues that encompass various tangents.

We’ll terminate any further projections as it’d only derail the exercise of deploying the decoys that entrench themselves in an ethereal saga. You’re with Rod Modell, aka: Deepchord."

01. Rod Modell “Pressure Drop” (Unreleased)
02. Gez Varley “Soul Gate” (Force Inc)
03. Ghislain Poirier “Orange Brûle” (12k)
04. Giriu Dvasios “Vesu – Quantic Mix” (Cold Tear Records)
05. Grit “Ride” (mnml ssgs)
06. Glimpse & Alex Jones “True Friends” (Kindisch)
07. Itmar Sagi “Mr Bandi – Original Mix” (Drumcode)
08. Phillipe Cam “Karine” (Kompakt)
09. Merv “Melted Vein” (Dancecop)
10. Pacou “All It Takes” (Cache)
11. Female “Viva” (Downwards)
12. Mike Dehnert “Without” (Fachwerk)
13. Murmur “Mesh” (Meanwhile)
14. Scuba “Aesaunic” (Hotflush Recordings)
15. The Juan MacLean “A Human Disaster – House of House Mix” (DFA)
16. Octal “Heavy Petting” (Thule Musik)
17. Haiko Laux “101/106″ (Tresor)
18. Pacou “Minus – MLZ Remix” (cache)
19. Pacou “All It Takes – Huckaby SYNTH Mix” (Cache)
20. Orlando Voorn “Planet Ultra” (Cache)
21. Mark Ernestus “Meets BBC” (Honest Jon’s)
22. GoGooo “Dérive” (mOAR)

Deepchord - Kana Broadcast 022 [2011-12-07] by D2Techno  

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