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Pfirter - CLR Podcast 150 - January 9th 2012

Pfirter - CLR Podcast 150 - January 9th 2012

It is Monday the 9th of January and we welcome back Juan Pablo Pfirter, one of the undisputed icons of South America´s electronic music scene, on the CLR Podcast. Pfirter ´s tracks can be found on some of the most distinguished international Techno imprints and in the charts of many of the most respected djs of our time. He is an internationally acclaimed dj and producer, and this year he is actually relaunching his label MindTrip with three EPs of his own music, including remixes by numerous intriguing artists. Another EP entitled “Sessions EP”, which he recorded together with Monoloc, will soon be out on CLR. In the time-span of more than a decade of djing, Juan Pablo has developed a very personal style, which effortlessly moves through several sub-genres of Techno. If you want to experience one of his haunting dj sets, you can do this on his extended European tour, starting on February 23rd in Rome.

Mike Parker - Forward - The 5 AM Mix - Prologue
Pfirter - Averno -Markus Suckut Remix - MindTrip
Marcel Dettmann - Duel - 50 Weapons
Shifted - Telic - Our Circula Sound
Edit Select - Surface To Air - Lucy Remix - Edit Select Records
Abstract Division - Floating Point - Delta Funktionen Remix - Dynamic Reflection
Phase - Plateau Station - Token
Antonio De Angelis - Desperados - Gynoid Audio
Jonas Kopp - Anklad - Krill Music
S100 - Discharge - Stockholm LTD
SP-X - Side Field Construction - Komisch
Planetary Assault Systems - Kray Squid - Ostgut Ton
Shapednoise - Cosmic Landscapes - Repitch
Hans Bouffmyhre - Demon Within - Pfirter Remix - Perc Trax
Go Hiyama - Now Limitation - Blank Records
Reeko - Omnicide - Mental Disorder
Surgeon - First - Outline Remix - Tresor
Tommy Four Seven - Track 5 - Robert Hood Remix - CLR
Developer - Human Condition - Modularz
Mick Finesse - They Sex Machinas - Perc's Dub Decision - Perc Trax
Microwave Prince - The Piperoom - Le Petit Prince
Coldfuture - Frozen Over - Sketchbook
Pfirter - The Fall Of The Empire Is Imminent - MindTrip
Reeko - Thick Matter - Mental Disorder
Vril - V3 - Music Man Records
Grain - A2 - Fatcat
Artist One - B1 - Black Sun Records
Planetary Assault Systems - Call From The East - Ostgut Ton
Chris Liebing, Tommy Four Seven - Bauhaus - Sledge Mix - CLR
Exium - Ultraworld - Planet Rhythm
Dino Sabatini - Modulation A - Outis Music

Pfirter - CLR Podcast 150 - January 9th 2012 by pfirter
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