Monday, February 20, 2012

Ssg Special - Ancient Methods 'Some Strings Attached'

Ssg Special - Ancient Methods 'Some Strings Attached'

"Occasionally a mix comes along which re-defines what you think is possible within a style of music. In my view, what you are about to hear is that mix for techno in 2011. It makes almost everything ‘techno’ I’ve heard this year sound a bit lame, emaciated, and rote. In fact, it’s so powerful, I’m scared of it: I have to handle it with care, respect. As if my puny human arms can barely lift this warrior God hammer... indeed, it's many times more powerful than their previous mixes for us (ssg mx 26, handmade blend mix) building on their already unique style, which was aptly called 'pitch black techno war funk'. It's also more subtle: this mix totally hammers, but it never pummels or resorts to 'bangin' it out'. There's a beauty in the power, a swing in that hammer. It's martial, yes, but it's also very artful.

Most of the time, mixes are our accompanists: for commuting, for desk work, for the gym. Or perhaps, like the commercial '04 electrohouse fan who lived above me in Paris, for noisy lovemaking. Fine, we all need accompanists. I dare you to make love to this mix. On a third date. Or try commuting. This is not ‘another mix’, or your faithful servant. It demands you submit to it. It’s ssgs fourth birthday this week, so the original plan was to offer this mix to ourselves and you people as a gift... but I ended up having to offer myself to it, as a sacrifice, to bless the impending intergalactic warfare. If there’s a great big dancefloor in Valhalla (can you imagine the system?!), this is the music the warrior Gods dance to... both before they destroy their transdimensional demonic robot enemies, and in celebration when they have vanquished them."

    •    Reformed Faction – Hollerei (Soleilmoon)
    •    Northern Structures – Powertools (Sonic Groove)
    •    Gigi Galaxy – Interview with an alien (Teknotika vs. Eye Q UK edit)
    •    Orphx vs. Ancient Methods – unreleased
    •    Pan Sonic – Lähetys/Transmission (Blast First Petite)
    •    NHK – Entire Set (Raster-Noton)
    •    Sawf – Zelo Radial Rmx (Perc Trax)
    •    Karl O’Connor & Peter Sutton – Under Skin (Tresor)
    •    Silent Servant – El Mar Svreca Remix Two (Semantica)
    •    Carl Michael von Hausswolff – The North is protected (Sähkö)
    •    Edge of Motion – Del Motimiento (Djax Up)
    •    Monolith – Tribal Globe (Daft)
    •    Waldteufel – Das wilde Heer vom Hörselberg (Percht)
    •    Space DJ’s – Statistical Mechanics (Perc Trax)
    •    Robert Hood – Minus (Tresor)
    •    Mike Parker – Untitled (Geophone)
    •    Instincts – The Mystery Visions track 2 (Cyclic Law)
    •    Ugandan Methods – unreleased
    •    Frown – Untitled (Clip)
    •    Trans Am – I’m coming down (Thrill Jockey)
    •    Go Hiyama – Quibble (HueHelix)
    •    Regis – Blinding Horses (Blackest Ever Black)
    •    Makai – Beneath the mask (Prescription)
    •    Rory St. John – Noughtsmith (Singularity)
    •    Back Pack Poets – Objective G (Electric Deluxe)
    •    Siamgda – Andrumeda/Caravan Celebration Loop (Mind Plug)
    •    Surgeon – Radiance (Dynamic Tension)
    •    Mordant Music – Symptoms (Mordant Music)
    •    Forward Strategy Group – Code 02 (Perc Trax)
    •    Hecate & Kareem – Medusal (Zhark)
    •    Steve Stoll – Machine Riot (Earwiggle)
    •    Death in June/Iesope Drift – Fields/People Drift Loop (Leprosy Discs/E-Com)
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