Friday, April 27, 2012

Smoke Machine Podcast 048 Henning Baer

Smoke Machine Podcast 048 Henning Baer
Henning Baer [ Grounded Theory / K209 ]

Henning Baer is a man on a mission who’s slowly been building his name in Berlin and beyond. As one half of the team behind the Grounded Theory Berlin project, now up to the 14th party, they’ve hosted names such as Marcel Dettmann, Ben Klock, Function, Redshape, Traversable Wormhole, Perc, Pattern Repeat, Terence Fixmer to name a few.

Grounded Theory, not content with being just a party, is also a booking agency and soon to be label. Looking after Milton Bradley, Subjected & Moerbeck (Vault Series), Fanon Flowers, Sawlin and Sawf, it’s easy to see that Henning is building an ever-expanding stable of young talent, that will shape the face of techno for years to come.

As a DJ, he’s a regular around his hometown of Berlin. On top of his Grounded Theory parties he can be found playing his trade at the legendary Tresor, Arenaclub and Suicide Circus, as well as an increasing number of appearances around Europe. His no compromise underground techno has been destroying dancefloors at every turn.

It was only a matter of time before Henning took the next logical step into production. Setting up the K209 label, in 2011, with Milton Bradley and dropping the first release in March. He followed it up with his first solo release on the label in September. He’s since had tracks snapped up by Adam X’s Sonic Groove label.

After the Tea And Techno blog named Henning in their ‘Ones To Watch For 2012’ list, all the signs are pointing to a very bright future for this exciting prospect.

1. Milton Bradley - Last Flight To Cologne - Do Not Resist The Beat! #01
2. Deepbass - Process - Informa 003
3. Vantuji Ozmachir - Scobie - Volt240
4. Ben Klock - October - BPitch
5. Delta Funktionen - Silhoutte - Delsin
6. Reeko - The Day After - Mental Disorder
7. Luis Ruiz - The Holographic Talbot - Sub Sequent
8. Fanon Flowers - Mode 07 - Ecom
9. Abstract Division - Form and Function Pt.3 (Norman Nodge Remix) - Dynamic Reflection
10. Regis - Surface - Downwards
11. Cari Lekebusch - Secrets - HProductions
12. Kalon - Born Against - Sandwell District
13. Sleeparchive - Track 4 (Recyled) - Sleeparchive
14. Levon Vincent - Love Technique - Ovum

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