Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Brassica - Cack Batalogue

Brassica - Cack Batalogue
A digital compendium of 12 inch vinyl releases from the past few years.

Brassica is music by UK producer Michael Anthony Wright. A lineage from Disco-Funk, experimental music, Progressive Rock, 70s & 80s synth music and the history of sound in cinema is evident, yet doesn't accurately describe his artistically individual and self-mentored sound!

1. Ballo dei Morti 07:50
2. Clean With Me 05:54
3. Hey Man 04:35   
4. Illness from Awareness 08:57
5. Lydden Circuit 06:04
6. Made Up My Mind 05:03
7. New Jam City 08:35
8. The Centre 08:21
9. Varnish 08:58

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