Tuesday, May 29, 2012

CLR Podcast 170 - Rebekah

CLR Podcast 170 - Rebekah

It is Monday the 28th of May and today we have Rebekah from the UK for the first time on the CLR Podcast. Over the last years, her outstanding talents as dj and as producer have been widely recognized and hailed by many fellow artists. She has been releasing on several renowned and credible labels, has played at some of the best festivals and clubs worldwide and has performed alongside some of the biggest names in today´s electronic music scene. Many of those djs are actually playing and charting her tracks, for example Chris Liebing, who has been playing some of her own productions up and down lately and who is very happy to have her on this week´s podcast. Rebekah is currently setting up a new live-show and is preparing the launch of her own label. Her tour- and studio-schedules are packed, and it seems as if there were exiting times ahead for her.


1. Ducerey Ada Nexino – Pollenshed (Seph remix) – Genesa
2. Andrea Santoro & OL – 47 Solid Smoke – Frozen Border
3. Urbano – One (Matthias Fridell remix) – Kaputt
4. Unbalance – Fluid (Jonas Kopp remix) – Mutex
5. Ed Davenport – One Last Look – NRK
6. Truncate – Bodega V1 – Truncate
7. Ben Sims – Machine Funk – Drumcode
8. Roman Lindau – Adipeux – Fachwerk
9. Raffaele Attansio – Black Boc (Manzel aka Jonas Kopp remix) – Non Series
10. Rebekah – Trapeze – Decoy
11. Alexander D’Neil – Klona (Truncate remix) – Ear to Ground
12. AnD – ADBF – Black Sun
13. Justin Schumacher – Gate (Audio Injection remix) – IBR
14. SP-X – Attack Pattern – Komisch
15. Spektre – Mind Eyes (Drumcell Audio Injection remix)
16. Terrence Fixmer – Drastik (P.A.S remix) – Electric Deluxe
17. Markus Suckut – Section – Figure SPC
18. Jerome Sydenham & Function – Two Ninety One – CLR
19. SP-X – Stalker - Komisch

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