Monday, May 21, 2012

IA MIX 65 7even Recordings

IA MIX 65 7even Recordings

Based in France and run by DJ and promoter Greg G, 7even Recordings has been pushing some of the more abstract and interesting permutations to come from dub, techno and dubstep spheres. Established in 2008, its slowly growing roster of artists have had a strong output since its conception and in times when record companies are folding every week, 7even still provides listeners with a unique sound experience.

There is a ‘sound’ to the label and its producers, which include Helixir, F, Likhan, Ena, Joaan and Makoto, however it cannot be fully defined, an amalgamation of cavernous Techno, dubbed out atmospherics and rhythmical drums. Ever impressed with 7even's output we invited label founder Greg G to record a mix for IA as well as giving him the opportunity to shed light into the labels foundations and his journey to establishing the label.

Greg G recorded this mix at ENA’s studio, using vinyl and Traktor. Greg has included some of his deepest tracks in his collection and 75% of the tracks featured in the mix are unreleased.


1. HELIXIR – untitled (unreleased)
2. HELIXIR – untitled (unreleased)
3. ENA – Purported (unreleased)
4. ENA – Love60 (unreleased)
5. ENA – Whereabouts (unreleased)
6. ENA – Ourselves (unreleased)
7. LIKHAN’ – Daoine Sidhe (7EVEN04)
8. LIKHAN’ – Terre (7EVEN01)
9. LIKHAN’ – Redlight (7EVEN08)
10. ENA – Come With Me – F Remix (unreleased)
11. F – Breathe (unreleased)
12. F – Escape (unreleased)
13. OCEANIA – Forest (7EVEN24)
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