Saturday, May 12, 2012

Smoke Machine Podcast 050 natural/electronic.system.

Smoke Machine Podcast 050 natural/electronic.system.

natural/electronic.system. / Italy
Smoke machine podcast has finally come to a milestone setting 50th release; not only we had to thank all the audiences’ support, and also all the participating artists. Our 50th podcast release is a very formidable mix from natural/electronic.system., this release was planned very long time ago, because we knew their music never disappoint. We had to especially thank the mnml ssgs crew, for their timeless top quality past natural/electronic.system. mixes, and for inviting n.e.s to Tokyo this March, the 7 hour event at Module and the 3 hour event in Dommune became some of the best show this year, which we were part of it, from deep, psychedelic to enchanting melodies blending perfectly together, all so seamlessly and enjoyable no one would want to miss any second of it, and that left us with a unforgettable experience and a high respect to them. We just have to let you have the same wonderful experiences.

In this mix you can hear a large quantity of futuristic sounds which you had never heard from the previous Smoke Machine mix, you will dance to the rhythm, you can close your eyes and imagining that the natural/electronic.system. is coming to our ORGANIK2012 outdoor party. Listen to this mix carefully, its pure beauty will cure your bruises and sooth your pains inside your heart… especially in an outdoor environment. For us the Smoke Machine crew, the 50th podcast is just another beginning, we knew searching for a special mix is not an easy task; thankfully n.e.s has fulfilled our desire this time. We hope that through those podcasts we can share quality music as much as possible. Thanks again to natural/electronic.system. for their wonderful heart felt mix, Enjoy.

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