Saturday, May 12, 2012

Ideal Podcast Vol. 18 - Terence Fixmer

Ideal Podcast Vol. 18 - Terence Fixmer

Sombre, defined by surging rhythmical structures, Terence Fixmer’s music appeals as much to dancing feet, as it does to the searching soul.

Respected by his peers and adored by fans of radical over- and underground techno, electro, equally at ease in the club or at a pure techno festival, Terence reached this respected level, without ever succumbing to excessive promotion or subscribing to the mainstream.

His sound avoids repetition by developing soundscapes that appeal to the club crowd, whilst still maintaining musical depth and integrity. As a pioneer, he above all preserves an original style, an increasingly experimental, simultaneously ruthless and unrelenting interpretation of modern techno, which is instantly recognizable.

01. Cassegrain - Painter of Modern Life (Ed Davenport Remix)  - M-rec
02. Abdulla Rashim - Weldya - Prologue
03. Teste - The Wipe - Plus 8
04. Orphx - Cut Through - Sonic Groove
05. Claudio Prc - Clear Depths (Silent Servant Remix) - Prologue
06. Truss - Beacon - Our Circular Sound Rec
07. Silent Servant - Lo Profundo - Historia y Violencia
08. Mark E - Oranges (Space Dub) - Spectral Sound
09. Robert Gerressen - Inked Jester (Echologist Dub Remix) - Wolfskuill Rec
10. Brendon Moeller - Wanderer - Electric Deluxe
11. Terence Fixmer - When the Moon - Electric Deluxe
12. Fuse - F.U - Probe Rec
13. Byetone - Opal - Raster Noton
14. Terence Fixmer - When the Earth - Electric Deluxe
15. Donatto Dozzy - Tutto Positivo - MGLTD
16 . Alexey Volkov - Dust - Planete Rouge Rec
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