Sunday, November 8, 2009

(RTSW 010) Various - Strategic Reserves

Various - Strategic Reserves
Label: Russian Techno
Catalog#: RTSW10
Format: 10 x File, MP3, VBR
Country: Russia
Released: 08 Nov 2009
Genre: Electronic
Style: Techno, Electro

This is our tenth release, a kind of a small anniversary one and a cause for rejoicing. 5 artists, 10 tracks. All of the techno is different here, and every track has a character. Here we go:

First two are from Naj, who was born in Kazakhstan but now lives in Germany. Classic, dancefloor friendly techno of "Ex-p" and an offbeat explosion of "Black Dress". Hit hard, never miss! Second pair comes from Rostov's Rubetz who brings sci-fi elements in "Resistance..." and a robotic trickery of "Razor". Check it, think it! Then we got 2 pieces from Vadz - serious pulsations of "Mechanoid" and simple but flammable beats of a "Crusher". Handle with care! Postapoclalyps Pop brings another two. "Electro stuff" is a tasty electro cut for a set start, recorded live, and a "Teely" is a bass-moving funky piece of cake. Play it loud! In the end we got a pair from Sub, our man from Surgut. Siberian coldness is heard in every beat of "Biolight", the vocals hypnotise you with "White sky, black dots..." mantra, and the "Alien" makes you dream of ethereal lifeforms. Don't be scared!

Netlabel celebrates it's "2 years online" holiday with this release. Think of us when you drink vodka next time. Enjoy proper Russian Techno style! 

1 Naj (2) - Ex-P 6:04
2 Naj (2) - Black Dress 5:47
3 Rubetz - Razor 4:55
4 Rubetz - Resistance Is Useless 6:04
5 Vadz - Mechanoid 5:10
6 Vadz - Crusher 5:40
7 Postapocalyps Pop - Electro Stuff (Live) 2:12
8 Postapocalyps Pop - Teely 4:27
9 Sub (6) - Biolight 6:30
10 Sub (6) - Alien 6:25

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Creative Commons license: Attribution-No Derivative Works 3.0 
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