Thursday, January 21, 2010

Redshape: mnmlssg & FACT

mx48: Redshape

When SSGs first invisaged a mix series, the fundamental thing we agreed on was that the artists we chose chould be given a blank canvas: using a single mp3 file, preferably at 320, we just asked people whose music we love to make us something, anything.

Well, actually, an almost blank canvas. We did insist on a few conditions, which were these: go deep, follow your sound, make an emotional connection.

I’ve been really staggered by how positively people have responded to this over the course of the series. Not only have Chris and I been really blown away by how may of our favourite artists have agreed to be part of the project, but the quality and diversity of the mixes has been, I hope you’ll all agree, truly fucking magnificent and constantly surprising.

And now, well, what can I say? Redshape has come up with the goods, managing to do ‘all of the above’ as well as take the series in his own inimitable direction, with a mix that is boisterous, playful, and that reveals, to me at least, a whole bunch of different clues to the different parts of the redshaped world.

I won’t spoil the ride further by describing the scenery in detail, sufficed to say – this one’s a doozy.

Ladies, gentleman, machines, and other forms of extraterrestrial intelligence who are tuned in, we give you... Mr Shape.

mnml ssgs mx48 - redshape
sendspace mirror

For more info on Redshape, check his home page and myspace. As usual, tracklist to follow. Many thanks to Redshape for this.

mnml ssgs mx48 - redshape 'twilight zone in rabbit holes' mix by mnml ssgs

FACT mix 111: Redshape

Redshape’s identity was unknown when his first 12″, ‘2084′/’ULTRA’, dropped on Music Man Records in 2006, but he’s since “come out” – revealing himself to be a German producer by the name of Sebastian Kramer. A series of killer EPs and singles followed for discerning labels like Delsin, Styrax Leaves, Millions of Moments and Kramer’s own Present, yielding classic tracks like ‘Dog Days’ and ‘Blood Into Dust’.
The Redshape sound is a subtle extrapolation of Detroit techno, and as a producer and live performer Kramer conjures great intensity out of moody, nuanced grooves, stirring dancefloors to rapture without recourse to dumb riffs and unearned kickdrum-pounding. His music sounds as hypnotic and powerful at home as it does in clubs, and his recently released debut album, The Dance Paradox, seals his reputation – being an elegantly crafted suite that pays tribute to classic techno while subtly redefining it for the 21 century.
Redshape’s FACT Mix is a live set recently recorded in Berlin, and is virtually a “greatest hits” selection, albeit one rendered with a sense of mischief and improvisation. Enjoy, and while you’re listening perhaps ponder the similarities between Redshape and Santa Claus. They both favour red, they both like a glass of sherry (probably), and Redshape’s label is called Present – present. Coincidence? No chance.

Logan’s Run Intro
Redshape – White – Delsin
Redshape – Fortress – Unreleased (Live Only)
Newworldaquarium – Trespassers – Redshape Trespassed Mix
Redshape – Untitled – Unreleased (Live Only)
Redshape – Neo – Unreleased (Live Only)
Redshape – Slow Monday – Styrax Leaves
Redshape – Unltrafunk – Unreleased (Live Only)
Redshape – What’s On A Moog’s Mind? – Podium
Logan’s Run Outro

Download: Redshape – FACT Mix 111  
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