Thursday, January 28, 2010

(WWPL 02) When Ee Play Live – New Delhi FM

When Ee Play Live – New Delhi FM
Cat#: WWPL02
Released: 25 Jan 2010

New Delhi FM, founded in Stuttgart in 2001, is a music project by Sandro Boege, who now lives in Cologne.

Sandro’s music was initially best described as IDM, but he never actively or consciously set himself any stylistic limits. His range has meanwhile expanded to include elements of dub techno, IDM and ambient, and sometimes a combination of all three. An important first step towards this fusion was his album “Row By”, released in 2008 through net label “Der kleine grüne Würfel”. While in the shape of CD and net label releases New Delhi FM is music you would mainly listen to at home, Sandro’s live sets focus heavily on adapting his music to a club setting without stripping it of its more ethereal elements. He makes a point of keeping his live sets as spontaneous and improvised as possible. Instead of mainly pre-sequenced tracks they consist of everything from free motifs drawn from a sound pool created specifically for the purpose to tracks that are just similar enough to the original to remain recognisable to the listener. As a live set of this type specifies only a vague order of tracks and is otherwise subject to as few rules and limitations as possible, no set is like the other. This approach requires more work and concentration both in preparation and when performing, but the result feels more exciting and organic for artist and audience alike.
Sandro Boege is currently focusing on completing new solo material, but also collaborates with a Cologne collective in the field of audio/visual art and two bands from Cologne. A new New Delhi FM album is planned for the first half of 2010.

When we play live... - New Delhi FM by modularfield

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