Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Djbroadcast: DJB.100 Podcast: I-F

DJB.100 Podcast: I-F

For the hundredth episode of DJBroadcast weekly podcast was something special happen. In our view there is no better candidate than the man who helped the phenomenon seriously content for web radio: Ferenc van der Sluijs aka IF. In 2003, his Cybernatic Broadcasting System (CBS) was launched, one of the first Internet radio stations. It made a Hague international hub for neglected genres like electro and italo. Two years ago, CBS made room for Intergalactic FM. Who wants to know which tracks the listener Ferenc has selected, his podcast listening watch at all. At the end he mentions the acts and games titles. Saturday, April 24 IF will provide a lecture during the Red Bull Music Academy Info Sessions at the Sugar Factory.

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