Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Lerosa - April 2010

Lerosa - April 2010

electro and acid and whatever, the tracklist was put together in a hurry so occasionally I just list the EP rather than the track title, you'll live I'm sure.

Lory D - road hog ep
Rutherford - cessna ep
Paul Bennet - backbreaker
The Sun God - Frantic Flowers EP
Anthony Rother - Detroy him my robots
LFO - probe (the Cuba edit)
Transillusion - power of the third brain
The Thrillers - speedball
Sneak-thief - not a ghost
Carl A. Finlow - Electrilogy : Part 1 - B2
Marco Passarani - Claire
Drexciya - water walker
Macho Cat Garage - Freedom for the Macho Cat EP
Members Only Vol 1
Mr Clavio - Call me Mr. Falcon
ETMS - Sounds of the humanoid kind

Lerosa April 2010 by Lerosa
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