Tuesday, May 25, 2010

[tonAtom.110] Msc - Bravo

Msc - Bravo
Label: TonAtom
Catalog#: tonAtom.110
Format: 8 x File, FLAC, MP3
Country: Germany
Released: 24 May 2010
Genre: Electronic, Rock, Pop
Style: Indie, Rock, House, Experimental
music, mastering & artwork: marco sebastian christ
mondeo - original version: keyboard rebel
morning crisis - original version: milesmilesmile
fences - original version: entertainment for the braindead
ichabs - original version: ne:o
cover pdf: aljen
for more information and in-depth liner notes go to: bravo

bravo - a collection of eight tracks, remixes and original works. created within the last three years, indivdually and with no obvious interrelation. partially previously released in several locations.

remixes, a session song (with contributions from several artists) and some true solo tracks, they all join for this interim summary of marco sebastian christ's works. and reveal the bigger picture of how he "sounds like". and give an idea of what he is heading for in the future.

by far more homogeneous than one would expect by reading the tracklisting. much more an album than a compilation. bravo!

1. mondeo (keyboard rebel / msc-remix) - 04:18
2. morning crisis (milesmilessmile / msc-remix) - 05:11
3. bells & lids - 07:43 .
4. stacy - 10:11 .
5. riot - 2:53 .
6. supergroove (feat. keyboard mike and mari aura) - 06:25 .
7. fences (entertainment for the braindead - msc-remix) - 06:06
8. ichabs reprise - 02:07

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license: 1,6,7 = cc-nc-by-sa
license: 2,3,4,5,8 = cc-nc-by-nd
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