Friday, June 11, 2010

[ITRX 001] Jarl & Fotmeijer - Lifesigns (PROMO)

Jarl and Fotmeijer - Lifesigns
Label: Innertrax
Catalog#: ITRX 001
Format: 2 x vinyl 12"
Release date: 01 July, 2010
Country: Germany
Genre: Electronic
Style: Electro
Limited to 300 vinyl copies

Innertrax: What is possible in this brave, new, digital world is limited only by our imagination. Play and spread this music in any way you wish. But sale or commercial purposes is not allowed without permission. Play it smart & take care.

We a just about to release our first vinyl.
All our limited vinyl copies are sold out at the presale. We don't have a digital distributor and it not really into beatport.

  1. Lifesigns Part 1
  2. The Reason For Sounds
  3. Asleep
  4. Citylife
  5. U-nic Style
  6. Lifesigns Epilog
  7. It´s All Because of U
  8. Lifesigns Part 3
  9. Mankind
  10. Lifesigns Part 2

dl full release
release page
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