Sunday, August 8, 2010

[BSOG 0006] Friends or Whatever - Friends or Whatever

Friends or Whatever - Friends or Whatever
Label: BlocSonic
Catalog#: BSOG0006
Format: File, MP3, FLAC
Released: 25 May 2010
Genre: Electronic, Rock, Pop
Style: Indie

blocSonic is quite proud to present to you the self-titled debut by Richmond, Virginia artist Friends or Whatever. With its fusion of shimmering electronica and a raw rock vibe, FoW proves to be a very engaging listen. At times quiet and contemplative… at other times beat-driven and laced with distorted guitar and melancholic vocals. All the while a bit challenging to put your finger on and yet it’s quickly familiar. It’s that very enigmatic nature that’s sure to pull you in.
On a side note, I just wanted to give a shout out to Just Plain Sounds. When I first heard early versions of some of the FoW music, I had not known that it was originally set for a JPS release. After approaching Mark Herbkersman (aka Friends or Whatever) about a blocSonic release, I found out. I have to give props to Anthony Gillison aka Just Plain Ant who was gracious enough to allow us the pleasure. So thank you once again Ant!!!

1 - The Burns We Earn (2:22)
2 - Piss Test (3:36)
3 - Walk Through Walls (2:26)
4 - No Excuses (1:54)
5 - Stuck In My Soul (2:28)
6 - Bike Ride Through Desert (2:00)
7 - Everybody Stopped Calling Me (3:52)
8 - Be On Something (2:08)
9 - If Everybody Here Knew Me (2:10)
10 - Smoke Floats (1:23)
11 - The Death Knell Of Our Afternoon (1:52)
12 - Modern Jokes (2:49)
13 - The Terminal Replies (2:08)
14 - Shattered (2:10)
15 - Maybe (1:48)
16 - Recipient No Longer At This Address (2:12)
17 - Richmond Is Killing Us All (2:32)

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