Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Jimmy Edgar - Live @ Berghain

Jimmy Edgar - Live @ Berghain

oh jimmy jimmy. its very rare for us to move away from our tried and tested mixtape format but when one man electro funk sex machine jimmy edgar comes to us with an amazing live set recorded at berghain we want to share and so that is what we bring you this week.

jimmy edgar is still only in his mid twenties but due to his amazingly early development he feels like somewhat of an elder statesman already. most closely associated with warp records who took him onboard at age 18, jimmy has spent the past decade bringing the funk to the dancefloors of the world. this year he has teamed up with !k7 records to produce what in a sane world would be the biggest selling POP! album of the year. XXX is a joyous record building on his previous work and buffing it up with a sheen that reveals jimmy to be a natural heir to prince. that good.

you can pick up the lp here and but right now revel in this throbbingly great set.

jimmy edgar - yulanao (unreleased)
jimmy edgar - b there
jimmy edgar - hot, raw, sex
jimmy edgar - slaphard
jimmy edgar - yeah uh yeah"* (unreleased track made especially for magda's dj set)
jimmy edgar - function of your love remix
jimmy edgar - for trash" *remix of bitcode
jimmy edgar - tell it to the heart
jimmy edgar - my beats


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