Tuesday, August 10, 2010

SCB live at Panorama Bar, Berlin

SCB live at Panorama Bar, Berlin

Long established as one of the leading talents in the dubstep scene both through his own productions and the contributions of his label, Hotflush, to the talent pool, Scuba, aka Paul Rose, has been making inroads into the techno scene via Sub:Stance, his monthly event at Berghain/Panoramabar, and, more recently, his establishment of a new techno-centric alias and label, SCB.
In advance of his performance at BLK Market, one of an extremely limited number of appearances in the US under this alias, we’ve decided to check in on him and see how these two ends of his personality reconcile with each other and what we can expect from him under the shared banner: via http://halcyonline.com

Scuba (Hotflush / Substance  / Golden Goose | UK)
halcyon exclusive: SCB live at Panorama Bar, Berlin – FREE download

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