Monday, February 20, 2012

Smoke Machine Podcast 041 Petstov

Smoke Machine Podcast 041 Petstov

Petstov [ PetstovLab Recordings / Smoke Machine ] Chile

Petstov is a designer, writer, and a former stockbroker born in Valdivia, Chile, where in early 90's he started taking music beyond normal knowledge, but was not until 2001 that he start to take it seriously. He had already done some cdr a couple of years ago with tracks containing electronica and ambient, and was quite unsatisfied with the results. he switched from trackers to sequencers.
In early 2003 he started doing demo tracks under the Petstov name. the tracks started sounding better to him. he smiled. it was a start. in december 2003 he had compiled a demo array of tracks ranging from 3/3 techno to electronica to ambient, and received good response from the listeners, which inspired him to concentrate on music even more.
404 is the last and present project of Petstov, a mixture of Ambient & dub-techno build under 120bpm.

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