Monday, June 18, 2012

Smoke Machine Podcast 053 Etapp Kyle

Smoke Machine Podcast 053 Etapp Kyle

Etapp Kyle [ Aconito Records / Mono Records ] Ukraine

"Etapp Kyle aka Sergey Kushnir is our first cooperation of Ukrainian producers, his passion can be found in his music, that's why we continue to look for new artist of the reason.

Sergey is not satisfied with the scene in Ukraine, indicating that there's really not many people who understand what he plays, but he also says that he's not giving it up, and would try to make changes. We do actually know why there are so many people out there dedicating in this kind of music.

Before listening to this mix, we would like to tell you that Sergey is going to have his new releases coming out soon. If you like the mix from Etapp kyle, the tracklist will be posted after few weeks . Looking forward to see Sergey's further works.
Enjoy the mix !!"

Etapp Kyle
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