Monday, March 25, 2013

Erratic Podcast 40 | NX1

Erratic Podcast 40 | NX1 |

For episode 40, hailing straight from Barcelona, we have the incredibly talented duo, NX1. Composed of long-time friends and producers, Surit and Samot, they have recently taken the techno world by surprise and in the last 18 months they have established their own label, Nexe Records, and this collaborative project, NX1. With releases across Semantica, M_Rec and Modularz, they have become the new kids on the block -and rightly so.

For this special occasion, they have put together an impressive and exclusive studio mix showcasing lots of unreleased material across many artists, including their own NX1_05. In these 60 minutes they take us on a unique and energetic journey through their pounding sound and layered textures.

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