Saturday, October 26, 2013

Move Podcast 05 - Skcribled

Move Podcast 05 - Skcribled

With his enveloping atmospheres laden of stories to tell, Skcribled, co-founder of Untold Sequence, always seeks to maintain an exquisite and direct connection to the dance floor.
His blunt and abstract kicks, plus a fine attraction for basic and colorful basslines, contribute for his joint project as well as his proceed and act as a DJ. A neat attraction to the world of sound which translates to what today is his present.


1. Marcel Dettmann -  Arise
2. The Black Dog vs Sean Bean Drumhead - The Black Dog vs Sean Bean Drumhead
3. Jared wilson - A Little Moonlight Dancing
4. Dimi Angelis & Jeroen Search - Untitled A2
5. Abstract Division - Relevance (Michaelangelo Remix)
6. Zadig - TTRXL
7. Perc + Truss - Broken
8. Matt Saderlan - Jam
9. Fundamental Interaction - Reverse
10. Patrick Graser - From Foreign Territories
11. Developer - Drive Themes
12. Kobosil - Contact
13. Julien H Mulder - Concept of Life
14. Dax J - Dreamscape

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