Wednesday, October 21, 2009

(tA_E_drmlgcc) Dreamlogicc - Machines And Metaphors

Dreamlogicc - Machines And Metaphors
Label: TonAtom
Catalog#: tA_E_drmlgcc
Format: File, MP3, VBR
Country: Germany
Released: 06 May 2008
Genre: Electronic
Style: IDM
Credits: Artwork By [Cover Design] - Aljen
Music By, Producer, Artwork By - James Beckman

sometimes justin from chicago/IL is james beckman. sometimes james beckman is dreamlogicc. and when he is, he works on great electronic tracks.

"machines and metaphors" is his debut release on tonAtom. it is a reflection of a physical and interdimensional journey.

both the music and the artwork paintings are different approaches towards the matter of moving from one side of a mountain to the other.

the idea of string theory's 'multiverse', and an eleven-dimensional reality form an audio footpath through the physicality of this mountain (which, in itself, is a metaphor for a more grand space/time picture).

1 Diffusion Of Crowds 4:18
2 Dew Pattern 3:42
3 Three And Four 3:10
4 Iron Ore / Mineral Descent 5:08
5 Membrane Theory 5:16
6 The Transcendental Intent 2:56

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