Sunday, January 24, 2010

Alek Stark - Fuerza Transitoria

Alek Stark - Fuerza Transitoria
Release/catalogue number: M31/MIX001
This a previous version of my new set for the Transient Force "Something Simple" series. It´s a monografic of Transient Force except for the classic tracks of Kraftwerk, Cybotron, Aux88, Bolz Bolz and Bam.


Altered States Of Conscience(Advance of Fundamentals Vol.2) - Alek Stark
Into The Sun - AS1
Malade By The Breakwaters - Jauzas The Shining
Different Landscapes - Headnoaks
Data Judit - Luke Eargoggle
Why Wouldn´t You - AS1
Sound Synthesis - =UHU=
Mood Sequence 007 - AS1
Spiritualisation Of Cruelty - Hadamard
Lost Gem - Kan3da
Detroit Science Center - Stingray313
Rage - Spectre313
We Know What You Mean - The Exaltics
MACSJ0025.4-1222 - Alek Stark
Unpredictable Tomorrow - AS1
Don´t Stop The Planet Rock (Bonus Beats) - Afrika Bambaataa & Soul Sonic Force
I´m Your Bass - Spectre313
Higher Beings Watching - AS1
Musik - Bolz Bolz
Are We Alone (Interlude Spoken Word) - Aux88
Singularity - Alek Stark
Tour De France (Edit) - Kraftwerk
Alleys Of Your Mind (12" Version) - Cybotron

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