Friday, January 22, 2010

BLEEP43: Podcast 157 - Traxx


Podcast 157 - Traxx

For our first podcast of 2010 I’m proud to present one of the finest DJs around - Traxx. For me, he embodies the true spirit of dance music - raw, unbridled energy and the unrelenting ability to play great records that you’ve never heard before. His Nation imprint, and work alongside the likes of James T Cotton keeps the analogue side of house alive, and his Chicago heritage means that the weird, early 80’s proto-industrial and synthpop sits nicely with the more hypnotic elements of acid and what he terms “jak beat”. This is an old recording and there’s no tracklist, but hope you enjoy it.

Ali Renault - Running on Vapours (Moustache)
LDR 05 - Braving the Benthic (Lunar Disko)
Heinrich Dressel - Galba Imprimatur (Strange Life)
Novamen - Kapotte Kachel (Disco Praline)
Marshall Jefferson - Ride the Rhythm (Trax)
DJ Kaos - Kosmischer  Ruckenwind (Clone Loft)
Walter jones - I am Loved (Permanent Vacation)
Analogous Doom - Virus Loaded (Minimalrome)
Johann Johannsson - Dying City (NTOV)
Monolake - Avalanche (Imbalance Computer Music)
Cheap and Deep - Deep in the Feeling (Morgan Geist remix)
Trus’me - Need a Job (Fat City)
Samuli Kempli - Rymd (Time to Express)
Matt Chester - Ghostwritten (11th Hour)
Jeff Mills - Fantasia (React)
Experimental Products - Glowing in the Dark (Gigolo)
Quadrant - Hyperprism (R & S)

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