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Bandulu Dub - Spiritual Revolution

Bandulu Dub - Spiritual Revolution
Label: none
Cat: none
Format: 6 x File, MP3, FLAC...
Released: 30 March 2010
Genre: electronic
Style: Dubstep, Dub
Bandulu Dub (Minho, Portugal) - Liquid Stranger (Scottsdale, USA) – Nomurai (Linz, Austria) - ReZiNdRiP (Albuquerque, USA) - Ras Bruno (Southwest, UK) - Jerry Coox (Paris, France) – Dubalizer (São Paulo, Brazil)

Bandulu Dub is a Portuguese project based in Minho. In 2004 produced the first work called: "Corgas Street nº2 Dub" with special features from Peru - Honorable António. Productions continued in 2007 with the second work called "Ganja Poetry", organic Dub record with special participations of Sista Naima, Negus Shabaka, Mabrakat, Sista Cassie, Mc Elfa, Mc Ph Neutro, Daia and many others. In this same year they won the "Blasted Mechanism Challenge" promoted by Antena 3 radio. Beyond this, the song Rat-Bat was included in the Lightning Bolt's album "Challenge Yourself 07". In February 2008 they performed live at "Casa da Musica", Porto, in a Clubbing Event alongside with "Família Fazuma". Also in 2008 B.D. met Croatian Jah Billah for producing the song "Zapatero Dub" which was included in the EP: "Jah Billah - Ambassador of DUB Galactic Nations". In June 2008 they toured Cyprus with a poet Haji Mike. In July the tour had its second hand, this time in Portugal. B.D. and Haji Mike were included in "New Talents 2008" album from Fnac stores with the song "Freedom" by Henrique Amaro, radio operator in Antena 3. Still in 2008, B.D. and Mexican Isaac Maya released their first vynil in a Canadian label called "On Point Music". In April 2009 a French Netlabel- Fresh Poulp Records - invited B.D. to join an album called "Dub Tentacles Vol.1" with the theme "Long Hair Man". This song brings together Obed Brinkman from Netherlands, Norwegian Pop-I and English Junior Echo! In this same month B.D. performed live at International Dub Congress in Tuebingen (Germany) side by side with Canadian "Dubmatix", French "Roots Ista Posse" and English "No Set Soundsystem". In 21st August B.D.'s third work arises. Called "Spiritual Evolution", features musicians from all over the planet: BaNdula from México, Jiang Liang (China), Takanishi Tomoyasu (Japan), Obed Brinkman (Netherlands), Trianguli Australis (Micronesia) and many more... In June they performed live at Global Reggae Bar, in Ibiza. In October B.D. got together again with Mexican Isaac Maya and released an EP called "Sea of Love" in a Mexican label called Electrofilia Creative Collective. In November, label "Dub Vibrations" included the song "Light Echoes", produced by B.D. featuring Burning Babylon, in the album "Revolutionary Dub Vibrations-Chapter One". 30 March 2010 "Spiritual Revolution" Feat. Liquid Stranger (Scottsdale, USA) – Nomurai (Linz, Austria) - ReZiNdRiP (Albuquerque, USA) - Ras Bruno (Southwest, UK) - Jerry Coox (Paris, France) – Dubalizer (São Paulo, Brazil) release on Dan Dada Records.  

1. Bandulu Dub Meets Liquid Stranger - Pluto Rocketship 05:30
2. Bandulu Dub Meets Nomurai - Critical Error 06:00
3. Bandulu Dub Meets ReZiNdRiP - Voice Of The Voiceless 03:45
4. Bandulu Dub Meets Ras Bruno - Northern Lights 03:43
5. Bandulu Dub Meets Jerry Coox - Cosmic Mystery 03:22
6. Bandulu Dub Meets Dubalizer - International Revolution 05:55

<a href="">Pluto Rocketship by Bandulu Dub</a>

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